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Olivier Nicole

During daytime, I work for Tarides on the OCaml language, which is a high-level language, both safe and performant, that I like a lot. I generally work on free or open source software, so you can consult my current activity on my Github profile.

Part of the rest of my time is spent reading philosophy or various novels (with an inclination toward SF), or hacking on a typesetting software.

Before my current job, I did a PhD at CEA List and ENS under the supervision of Matthieu Lemerre and Xavier Rival. I worked on static analysis of low-level code in order to verify the security of kernel (among other things).

I'm also interested in functional programming, type systems and logic.

My name is pronounced ɔ.li'vje ni'kol, but “Oliver” with the usual English pronunciation is also fine.

Personal projects



PhD thesis

Automated Verification of Systems Code using Type-based Memory Abstractions